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Spirit is the lightest form of matter and matter is the densest form of spirit.

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The Holy Ideas, the higher aspects of the Enneagram 10 week Class By studying the Holy Ideas the essence and the particulars of each enneagram type can be better understood because this concept of one’s pattern of behavior, and hence the enneatype is revealed in a more complete context. So this is an excellent way to better understand one’s enneagram of personality type that will make more sense from the start. This is a complex teaching because it’s new to most of us. Most of us never thought of ourselves as simply being a pattern of behavior common to a particular gravitation pull. But when we study the sciences, mineral, plant and animal life we certainly see these patterns. Humans are at the top of the organic hierarchy of life on earth. We can take the 4th, 5th and 6th person perspectives to view ourselves far differently than ever before. Upon immersion into this material it becomes obvious that these patterns of behavior are real and we begin to see ourselves as these patterns. When I first learned of this I became incredibly relieved to know there was a normal explanation for my behavior and I wasn’t crazy, I was simply this pattern. This allows one to quickly move towards compassion of one’s self and for others! It gives us all something real to work with and instantly we can settle down, calm ourselves, become receptive to one another and to all of God’s creation. The possibility exists for each of us to see ourselves as others see us and most importantly as God sees us.  

The lower must obey the higher

The higher is nothing without the lower.  And the lower has every right to be exactly where it is, perfectly placed in the mix of the Flow. When it finally awakens, relationship begins and darkness is reunited with brightness and we are Home again. 

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